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Facilities & Classes

BodyTek has all the facilities you need to get fit and maintain your health and fitness.

Dumbbells up to 80kg,


15 x 25k, 45 x 20kg, 20 x 15kg, 20 x 10kg, a vast range of 2 ½kg, 5kg and 7 ½ kg plates.

Hammerstrength – Iso bench press, Iso low row and Iso shoulder press.

Force – shoulder press, lying leg curl and thigh extension.

Powerte Plate-Loaded Bench

Cable crossover, seated row, leg press, hack squat, smith machine, hack squat, seated leg curl, squat rack and much more.

Life Fitness arm curl. Lateral pull down. Preacher bench.

Oxide Newform – 2 treadmills, 2 bikes and 2 cross trainers.

Seated area with TV for post or pre workout meal.

Open Air Training Facility available
Boot Camps included in Membership

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